sábado, 9 de octubre de 2010

Confessin’ the blues… (or “Put the blame on Mame”)


DA 1820A

(Digital Art by David Lago-Gonzalez, image taken from the net, unknown copyright)




Playing nipples to you,

I was thinking about my feet.

They were growing bigger and bigger

Until my body became a part of them.

While I was cuddling you from the back,

My feet soles was getting more solid

As if everything I was it was not just a simple failure

Of that pedestal where the statue stood, smooth and insensitive,

So uncaring as not to feel that it was usurping

The place of all the sensitivity of my efforts.

I remember I used to be the man

Who walked over the dark side of the moon

And so I used to laugh when I stepped on the compact sand in your back;

Now I am the magician tired of taking rabbits out of his hat.

There’s nothing to do, my dear old mate.

I don’t want to carry the guilt of refusing your demands

So I shall bear the crime of do not deserve you any more.

Yes, I am a stupid man

Who prefers to hurt himself instead of hurting someone else.

And it happened to me before, many years ago
And I'm still paying my debts assumed,
My bare desire to share what was once a treasure for both.

I will continue to maintain the mastery of art that you know

So you do not realize the void

But, if something you suspect one of these days,


don’t blame it on the sunshine, don’t blame it on the moonlight,1



the blame

on Mame.2

That’s the name of excitement.


(Madrid, October 9, 2010.)

© 2010 David Lago-Gonzalez


1Michael Jackson

2Song sung by Rita Hayworth in motion picture “Gilda”.


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